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A fast track to the Indian market

Come explore one of the world’s largest and most dynamic food & beverage markets with SIAL India 2024!

While COVID-19 has had a widespread effect, India’s economy is recovering quickly. During this time, price-sensitive Indian consumers have also shifted to more high-value food consumption habits – with great growth potential for U.S. exporters.

SIAL India 2024 is the perfect platform for U.S. companies looking to develop and promote food business in this incredibly promising market.

Why exhibit at SIAL India 2024?

  • Indian consumers have maintained high demand for imported food and agricultural products supported by a growing middle class with greater disposable income.
  • The impact of COVID-19 has further shifted preferences toward immunity boosting, protein-rich, natural, vegan, and organic food products. This consumer behavior, in addition to a sharp increase in e-retail, presents greater opportunities for U.S. exporters.
  • Features great support from IFCA (Indian Federation of Culinary Associations, FIFHI (Federation of Indian Food & Hospitality Industry), PPFI (Purchasing Professionals Forum India), FIFI (Forum of Indian Food Importers) and FIWA (Federation of Indian Weavers & Artisans) – all pillars within the market.

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